About Abbe

Light moves, it doesn’t wait for you, or for me…light changes. There is a glimmer in her eye that disappears as soon as it is seen, there is a shadow on his brow that grows deeper with each breath, there is light, changing. We can all see the light, we can all see the dark, but few long for the moment when one passes to the other, when but for a moment, the light dances with zeal and purpose.  And then, as elegantly as it began, it’s gone. For me, the beauty is living in that majestic twinkling, to capture, the way light changes.

My new passion is capturing images aloft with my DJI UAVs, Amelia, Jack, Victor and Pancho! I enjoy teaching at Maine Media Workshops, and  helping out at Photoshop World and various other conferences that embrace this new method of capture. My other love is IR photography and invite you to enjoy some of these images.


Welcome to my world!


Member of:

PPA - Professional Photographers of America

NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals

WPPI - Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics

CRPAA - Certified Remote Pilots of America