• Drones

  • Windmills

    Mark Johnson and I captured some amazing video footage using our DJI Inspire 1 drones. The resulting video is a joint collaboration! Enjoy

  • Cycling the Coast

    Mark, Romeo Durscher and I used two Inspires to capture Philip MacNamara cycling the Davenport coast. We had quite the adventure, which included not pressing the record button, and losing a memory card! Poor Philip had to cycle the route three or four times in order for us put this little clip together.

  • The Caves at Petroni

    Flying out of a cave is actually considerably harder than it looks! Petroni vineyard has the most awesome cave, and great hospitality to boot! Mark and I had so much fun flying the cave and capturing beautiful images aloft!

  • The Oakland Temple

    Mark Johnson and I flew the Oakland Temple for some awesome dusk footage

  • Maine Media Class

    Scott and I had a wonderful class, summer 2016. Enjoy some highlights from our workshop!

  • Maine Media Our Class!

    Enjoy this video of work from our students' summer class.